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Tout Le Monde à Poil
Hella Sound
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How To Turn Around A Bad Day
Hella Sound
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What Are You Made Of?!?
Hella Sound
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As You Wish
Hella Sound
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It’s Something Like This
Bill Dolan
35:00 min @ 180 BPM
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Know It When I See It
Hella Sound
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Lactate Repeats: All My Everything
Hella Sound
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Step-Ups: Elation
Marshall Watson
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Strides: Choose To Run
Lady Southpaw & Jonathan Jones
26:00 min @ 180 BPM
Looking to connect with runners? Jenn Tran helps navigate the options and breaks it down for you John Hughes-style.
JT: Jenn Tran

This post has been provided by writer, runner and digital socialite Jenn Tran. A frequent contributor to music and running culture articles, Jenn can be found at notorias.com and @anotorias on Twitter.

No one understands the trials and tribulations of a runner more than another runner. I like to call my friends my "runner from another mother" (just kidding, but I think I'll start doing that now). Depending on the type of runner you are there is a social networking site just for you! After researching and evaluating the myriad runner social networking sites, I trimmed it down to the following list. I took the liberty of using high school stereotypes to show which site is right for you… since we can all pretty much relate to high school.

You: The Freshman


When you say you are a runner the statement always sounds like it ended with a question mark. You are green, you are excited, and just need to connect with anyone out there in the same boat!

Your Site: nikerunning.nike.com

If you are new to running then I highly doubt (and would not recommend) you dropping 300 bucks on a Garmin or similarly pricey device. The Nike+ system is cheap way to track your run and connect to a site with other Nike+ users. The interface leaves a lot to be desired but one thing they have going for them is a LOT of users. On the Nike site you can "friend" people, join challenges and share your progress with others.

You: The Trendy Hipster Socialite


You own an iPhone, actively Facebook, Tweet and have ousted every Mayor on Foursquare that is anywhere near any of your running routes.

Your Site: DailyMile.com

This is a great place to congregate and catch up with other runners who you may already know (from various blogs, twitter, etc.). Their interface is very easy to use (it's intuitively just like Facebook or Yelp) and they have a pretty sweet training log with some cool analytics features. Depending on how social networking savvy you are, you can meet a ton of awesome people… if social networks are not your forte, you may not end up connecting as well.

You: The Varsity Player

Runners' World Forums

You PR at every race without trying, always place in your age group and like to think of half marathons as training runs or "fun runs."

Your Site: Runnersworld.com Forums

This is the online forum for avid and not-so-avid readers of the beloved "must-have" magazine for runners, Runner's World. Their online boards and forums are very active with highly knowledgeable runners. The runnersworld.com forums are very friendly but can be intimidating (to say the least) for the newbie or even the not-so-newbie.

You: The Mathlete


Garmin? Check. HRM? Check. Play list by BPM for tempo run designed for aimed goal of a 10% improvement on finishing time for the next race? Double check.

Your Site: Athlinks.com

Athlinks is perfect for the data geek runner. They have all of your race information and finisher results on hand before you sign up. The sense of community on the site is lacking, the interface is not as intuitive as it could be… but boy do they have some serious information. Love it!

You: The Foreign Exchange Student


When it comes to running, you think in kilometers. You're an international runner of mystery and take your kicks wherever you go.

Your Site: Runnerplus.com

Runnerplus integrates with the Nike+ system. This site has a high number of users and has a strong representation from several countries world wide. This is a great place to meet runners from all over the world to connect and learn about the sport in their countries.

Honorable Mentions


Racevine.com—is not a social networking site per se, but is a great place to find and review your race. Get all the information you ever wanted to know about a race from real runners.


Rundates.com—if you are a registered user of RunDates.com I (Jenn Tran) would like to hear from you! (Comment below on post with link to recent headshot.)

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Nice Post JT! Wondering if you saw Flotrack when you did the eval. I’d definitely call Runnersworld the newbie door, and Flotrack the varsity player.

Also, not sure if I agree that Dailymile is a hipster hangout… It’s more like a big hug. :)

Kathy | December 01, 2009

How about including the Optimist Club?! JUST FINISH is a community dedicated to motivating and encouraging ALL runners, walkers, cyclists and multi-sport athletes through the FINISH! http://www.JustFinish.com

Kevin Green | December 01, 2009

Very nicely done!  Witty, concise, and insightful…pretty much what I expected after following you on twitter :)  I also think the Cool Running site is helpful w/ networking.  While not really a “social” site, it does have a good forum and community page for connecting w/ runners.  Thanks for the post!

John @ aboldpace | December 01, 2009

I’ve been logging on runningahead.com for 3 years now. I like the community and have a network of veteran runners that give straightforward advice.

I also have the flexibility of creating custom reports and graphs to over-analyze my training as much as I’d like.

Thomas Powell | December 01, 2009

For my purposes, I use Twitter almost exclusively to follow and interact with other runners.  I know Twitter is not a running site per se, but with it and Dailymile, I really need look no further.  I also agree with Kathy’s statement in the first comment about Dailymile - it is a lot like a “big hug!”

Pete | December 01, 2009

Great suggestions folks—keep ‘em coming. I personally have been a huge dailymile.com fan. I used the Nike+ site for a good long time but transitioned over to dailymile.com fully when I got my Garmin. It’s just fantastic. I know there are many others out there, though, and we’d love to hear about them.
(And thanks, JT, for the post! You #goat, girl!)

John at Hella Sound | December 01, 2009

Great job JT.. Love the post. I use dailymile and love all the hugs I get when I have a good or bad day. I also like Justfinish.com they provide great info for runners and runcasttv.com.. Great video’s on Runcast.

SoloRunner | December 01, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I actually just joined Justfinish.com - still trying to connect with people - twitter is my personal favorite (and DailyMile).

JT | December 01, 2009

Hey Kathy! I checked out Flotrack - it is pretty hardcore although I was specifically targeting road racing + social networking. Track + field is a slightly different animal. Thanks for the heads up about it - very cool!

JT | December 01, 2009

Another one you might think about adding is our site LogThatRun.com

But thanks for the post!

Running Log | December 06, 2009

My chosen site for logging miles:


Integrates with twitter, allows forming running teams

daltonsbriefs | December 08, 2009

I’ll check out logthatrun.com and fastfeat.net - thanks for the heads up!

JT | December 13, 2009

for the Ultraworld, a similar site to athlinks is: http://ultrasignup.com/runners.aspx
But in addition to runner specific data, it also has race results and upcoming race info and links.

MikeinAustin | December 28, 2009

this is hysterical- wonder which category I fall under? lol.  I love dailymile and runner’s world forums….

sabrina | January 21, 2010

another great social websit for runners:


You can upload your Nike+ and Garmin workout, and share it with friends


Louis | April 30, 2010

Thanks for posting a list of websites for runners.  Now I have the chance to socialize with other athletes and interact with them.

Mar | September 24, 2010

great information.!!!

sobelabs | December 27, 2010

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