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Office Moving Tips For International Relocation

Organizing an office move can be stressful. There are a lot of things that you need to take into account before you are able to settle into your new local location. But relocating overseas can be twice as hard compared to the usual transfer.

But as hard as it may seem, this is still possible. You just need to follow these tips provided by trusted relocation companies in Dubai:

  • Plan your move

The key to a successful office relocation, whether it is local or overseas, is superb planning. Without proper planning, your office transfer can lead to a disaster and result to delays in set up and operations. A proper moving plan can help you determine how you will be able to move the whole office without much disruption with your business operations. The planning stage is crucial so be sure that all department heads are involved on it.


You may need to sit down and plan how the move will be done. Some offices do a big move, wherein they uproot the whole office and temporarily stops their operations. This is ideal if the effect is minimal to their business. But if a big operation will be compromised, it would be best to do it piece by piece, or in this case, by department.


  • Create a timetable

Aside from the plan, you also need to create a realistic timetable for the move. This will serve as your reference to check whether the project is on track. The timetable will depend on the feasibility of the move and how it will be done. It should include every detail – from the announcement to setting up on the new location. But the timetable should be flexible to give way to some changes in the plan.


  • Connect with trusted movers

Doing an international office relocation would entail a lot of things, including moving and shipping your office equipment to your new overseas location. Thus, the help of reputable international moving companies in Dubai is needed on this instance. These companies will be the ones responsible for moving, temporary storage, and delivery of your office equipment overseas. Look for one months before the move, so you can properly discuss your plan and the overall cost.


  • Get the whole team involved

The moving company would only cover some of the equipment, so you still need to get the whole team involved on the process. Have them packed some of their personal/office things in storage boxes provided by your company and label them accordingly. For the PCs, be sure that they will do some back up of their files just in case it gets corrupted while in transfer.