Preparation for Marathoners

Thinking of running this season’s marathons? If so, then you better be ready and up to the task. It is not all that simple and no matter how well you can trash that treadmill, running a marathon is way different. By the way, no amount of music is going to help you quickly get ready for a marathon. What you need is a proven set of principles, those that can be easily adhered with over a course of time. Here’s some stuff to get you started.

Always Commit To The Cause

If you decide to run your first marathon, then you better follow through. Committing to the cause is your first step. Remember to do it for the right reasons, for yourself. Treat yourself to an OBX rental, wind down, relax, and anticipate the journey ahead!

Loosen Up

Sticking to the plan is excellent but everyone is built different. You must adapt your training depending on the time at hand and your ability.

Seek Support

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Join running clubs, take up classes and go for long runs to get used to it all.

Be Smart

Marathons are as much a test of your mental acumen as the physical side. Read books on marathons, attend clinics and ask coaches and runners alike.

Never Over Train

Doing twenty miles a day is a decent training regime. Never stretch yourself too much. Practice is a must but too much can be equally detrimental. But, at the same time avoid taking shortcuts because a marathon is not a school test that you can cram for.


Your immediate activity before the marathon is to base train so you avoid getting injured on the big day.

Try It Out

If you have new shoes, socks, glasses, pre-race meals or other things planned, always try them out beforehand. You do not want a surprise on the race day.

Drink Up A Lot

Staying hydrated during the build-up to the race is important. Practice drinking on the run and pace yourself so you can do better.

Regulate The Weight

Your weight can hold you back and destroy your training. Keep a strict watch on your weight and build. Your body has practiced with a specific weight, so you do not want to lose weight neither gain any extra pounds on the days leading up to your first marathon.

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