How It Works

Original Music

Hella Sound running music is original compositions produced in-house by an ever-growing group of artists—no remixes or mash-ups here. This provides several advantages over typical running music mixes:

We’re not bound to the 3-minute mark. We’re not slaves to the 3-minute limitation imposed by the traditional radio/marketing-driven music industry. We can wind out for a longer duration just like you do during your run.

We’re not limited to the verse-chorus-verse format. Most everything you have in your playlist has a relatively predictable progression through the song, where the artist tries to convey their idea within the framework of a “song”. We can use the longer format to our advantage and provide you with music that moves and builds outside of the radio-friendly format.

We don’t distort and ruin a good thing. You have music you love. Taking a song, you know very well and speeding it up diminishes it—even cheapens it overall. Our music is designed to play at the fast paces that sync to running.

How Calorie Consumption is Calculated

Caloric consumption of physical activity is calculated using units of metabolic equivalent, or METs—1 MET being the baseline for caloric consumption of a person at complete rest. We base our calculations on 9 METs, the intensity of running slightly slower than 8 minute miles. We assume a person of 180lbs, but you can modify this to do your own calculation.

The Formula:

METs x 3.5 x BODY WEIGHT (kg) / 200 = kcal/min

The Formula Applied:

9 METs (>8 minute mile pace) x 3.5 x 82 (~180lbs in kg) = 2,583
2,583 / 200 = 12.915 kcal/min
12.915 kcal/min x 30 min
= 387.45 Calories