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Why 90 days Dubai visa is the best option?

For long term visit purpose the 90 days tourist visa is one of the best options to avail. Talent tourism is providing the fastest and the easiest tourist visa options such as 90 days visit visa for Dubai without much hassle and delay. You can get the visa in simplified way and there is no need to get stuck in lengthy procedures and complex documentation. The whole procedure is much streamlined in order to avoid the problems customers face through delay in processes when they reach out to the travel agents with little expertise. Now the clients can get their visas while sitting at home.


Procedure to apply for 90 days visa

The individual, who wants to travel to Dubai, should present a copy of his passport along with one passport-sized picture to apply for the visit visa. Once received, the company will reply with the payment methods and details. Most probably just in two days the visit visa is available to be shared with the client. The company is available via call and email for any queries generated by client.


To get the visa faster, please make sure that the clear passport copy should be shared with at least 6 months’ time duration left in its expiry date. Personal passport-sized photograph of visitor required with the white background.


Reasons of choosing the right company for tourist and transit visas for Dubai:


  • Guarantee to get the visa 100 percent.
  • Fastest processing and visa issuance time
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise on latest country visa rules and coordination with immigration and government offices
  • There are various options available for payment
  • All visa details and visa will be provided at home
  • All requirements related to travel and tourism will be handled through one location
  • 24/7 customer support via calls and emails
  • You can change the visa type while staying in UAE without having to exit the state
  • Multilingual staff and communication options available
  • Certified company for providing high quality services all over the UAE


For stay of 96 hours, there is another best option available called Transit visa while traveling through the Dubai Airport. This visa is only required if you wish to leave the airport while there is a time gap in your next flight to your final destination. Transit visas for airlines can be arranged too without much issue so the customer can enjoy the short trip as much as 3-4 days. Once you provide all details related to your final destination with confirmed flight tickets, the Dubai transit visa will be issued easily.