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4 Telltale Signs That Your Kid Is Ready To Go To School

Attending school is one big step for kids and toddlers and a milestone for the parents. It would mean that their little ones are all grown up and ready to face the world outside the four corners of your home.

Although the thought of having your kids go to school is exciting, you should know first if they are ready to tackle a structured academic routine. If you are wondering if your kid is school-ready, here are some obvious signs that you need to watch out for:

  • Your kid shows interest in school

Willingness and eagerness is one of the first telltale signs that your kid is ready for school. According to school administrators of Arabic nurseries in Dubai, the signs of willingness from a child means that he/she is eager to try out new environments. Your kid might have seen it on TV or your neighbor’s kids boarding the school bus, but the concept definitely piques his/her interest. If your kid tells you that they want to go to school, do not quash their excitement. Instead, ask them if they really want to and what makes them interested in the concept of going to school.


  • He/she can communicate well


Communication is an important aspect of learning. Unfortunately, most parents miss the cues. Enrolling your kids to a nursery in Ras Al Khaimah even though their language pattern is not yet fully developed can be detrimental to them. For one, they might get intimidated by kids who are already ahead of them in terms of communication and listening. This can deflate their self-esteem and affect their interest in school. It would be best to gauge first your kid’s readiness to go to school by knowing if he/she can relay his/her ideas in clear thoughts and concepts.

  • He /she is physically ready


The physical readiness of a child is often disregarded as most parents are most focused on the intellectual readiness of their kids. But parents also need to gauge if their kid can tackle physical activities that are demanded by the school curriculum. Check your kid’s motor skills. If he/she can handle objects well, he/she might be ready for the physical challenges of school.


  • His/her grasps of concept is starting to show


Apart from communication, your kid’s understanding of things and concepts is also vital to his/her learning. Your kid should be able to follow simple instructions given by his/her teachers, while also having the ability to question things around him/her.