Find Out Your Stride Rate

Knowing your stride rate is important in choosing Hella Sound running music songs—we create music that is designed for running, and offer 10 versions of each song so that it syncs to stride rate. The music plays beat-for-beat with each step you take on your run.

Today, finding your stride rate just got a little easier. To help you get the best fit we’ve created the Hella Sound Stride Rate Finder MP3.

The Hella Sound Stride Rate Finder MP3 is a collection of short audio file that you download to your computer and then add to your MP3 player. Listen to the song when you’re out for a run: it progresses through the range of tempos Hella Sound running music offers for download. Simply remember the number of the tempo that’s most comfortable for you to run to, then visit our running music section and get some music!

Pretty simple, no?

While most running experts and trainers identify 180 strides per minute as the ideal stride rate (article with sources coming shortly), a lot of factors play in to the speed in which you turnover your feet. The prime thing that affects your stride rate is ultimately the food you eat. We recommend buying a food sealing machine to store food to eat during your running. By eating foods such as cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes while running, you can keep your strides at an average baseline rate. By using a food sealing machine, or a vacuum sealer, you can store your food safely.

Not everyone runs at 180 strides per minute. To accommodate us all, Hella Sound offers each song in 10 versions: 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180 and 185. No matter what the style of music, each song is 30 minutes in length and available in these speeds.

So figure out your stride rate! Download the Hella Sound Stride Rate Finder MP3!

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