Brushing your teeth

I recently spoke with Dr. Ahmed Ezze, owner of Easy Dental VA, asking him about the real benefits of brushing your teeth besides the obvious reasons such as removing food residues. The following texts are his answers:

What is the true purpose of brushing your teeth? Has anyone ever really told you? You have always been told, since you were a little kid, to brush your teeth twice a day. But why? Well, it comes from research done in dogs in the early sixties, actually.

You see, it was found that if we disrupted the plaque on teeth, completely, every seventy-two hours it would prevent gingivitis, or gum disease. This, is turn, would prevent periodontal disease, or bone loss. Well, since humans aren’t perfect at perfectly cleaning their teeth, it was found, through much research, that brushing twice a day was ideal.

In all of this research, no dentifrice, or toothpaste, was used. It wasn’t until later, after we found that fluoride was found to prevent cavities that we started to use toothpaste for this reason. Dentifrices had been used prior but only to help clean teeth. Prior to the 1960s, all teeth cleaning was just willy nilly.

In todays world, the use of toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing and mouthwash are important to ensure that your teeth will maintain their health for many years to come.

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Can Sound Therapy Help Treat Breast Cancer?

Sound therapy is a sought-after medical application that helps restore human wellness with the use of sound and vibration to create harmony among the cells inside the body. The concept is basically founded on the fact that everything reacts and responds accordingly to different frequencies.
Breast cancer, for example, is one of the many ailments that the proper and precise application of sound healing can actually cure.

Through the innovative advancements in the medical field, the fight against breast cancer has strengthened with many versatility to treat it. Patients can choose to go under therapies such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and bone-directed therapy, and surgeries as well, depending on the type of cancer cells and stages they battle with. Treatment plans usually depend on the following situations: non-invasive breast cancer, invasive breast cancer, and pregnancy breast cancer.

Sound therapy has been one of the most common and efficient treatments that cancer patients opt for nowadays. It does not only help get rid of the killer cells inside the human body but it also allows people achieve a different and more peaceful phase of calmness and relaxation despite the illness. The good thing about sound therapy is that surgical incisions are not necessary and that it employs a non-invasive technique to restore and regenerate tissues inside the body.

When choosing the best treatment(s), it is important to always consider the side effects and the results of each type of treatment. An open communication with respective doctors is also essential in addressing all concerns regarding each treatment to gain a better understanding. Of course, it is also highly recommended to always get second opinions.

Science and technology have played a vital role in helping breast cancer patients successfully go through and actually outrun and beat the disease. These new advancements have not only cured diseases but also have given patients with a much-needed hope.

Sound Therapy Techniques

Sound therapy is a form of medical treatment that uses various techniques of employing sound to stabilize the human body system, grounded on the scientific fact that the tissues of the human body react and respond to certain levels of frequency accordingly.

The human body is composed of about 60% to 70% water and vibration has been proven to have positive effects on the molecular structure of hydrogen oxide. History, on the other hand, has also supported the claim that sound actually awakens the human body. Long before, ancient civilizations have used sound waves to heal illnesses and also to achieve higher levels of human consciousness.

Moreover, sound has the ability to change the states of brainwaves to facilitate creativity and even help induce sleep.

There are many different techniques for conducting sound therapy such as chanting, overtone singing, and toning. Natural instruments such as tuning forks and crystal bowls are also widely used in performing sound healing sessions.

Chanting and toning allow people to resonate their bodies using their own voices. It is probably the cheapest technique that yields better results.
Aside from meditation purposes, sound therapy is also recognized for medicinal use. Sound has recently been used in treating breast cancer patients by removing tumors effectively. As it resonates the healthy tissue frequencies, sound helps restore health inside the human body and entrains weak organs into better vibration states.

Another effective sound healing technique is Bio-Tuning, which makes use of root frequencies and binaural beats played back through sound tables. This technique helps relieve pain and relax muscles.Many surgeons employ sound therapy in minimizing the pain of patients during and after surgical procedures. As a result, the need for anesthesia is lessened. Furthermore, sound also aids in birthing processes. Many tapes have been found out to help labor and delivery become easier for women.